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“I tell biblical stories to share my love of them with others and because telling them brings the stories alive!”
Ruth Welham-Umphrey, Anglican, Canada

The core activity of the Network is telling the sacred stories of the biblical tradition in post-literate, digital culture. This practice is rooted in a communal process of internalization through scholarly inquiry and prayer.

We encourage varieties of expression and presentation of the sacred stories in oral, written and communication systems. There are many kinds of biblical storytelling from midrash, to contemporization, to first person monologues.

NBS advocates all kinds of storytelling but commends especially the practice of telling the texts as they've been traditioned to us.

“What made me become a biblical storyteller? Because for the first time the scripture
has become a redeeming influence in my life.”
Dr. Connie Steel, PCUSA, TN

We have discovered biblical storytelling as a spiritual discipline that involves first committing a narrative text of scripture to deep memory (not memorizing but "internalizing" the story as images and feelings) and then engaging with the text in a lively "telling," a sacred act that binds teller and listeners in community.

“The Word of God is alive. As we absorb it and speak it into other’s lives, God by his Holy Spirit feeds and blesses both (the teller and listener).”
Lesley-Ann Wilson, Presbyterian, Ireland

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