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These are storytellers in the Network who are open to coming to churches, retreats, conferences to present both workshops and performances. Each storyteller’s fee varies and we would suggest that you contact storytellers you are interested in directly, by clicking on their email addresses, and request more information about fees and their availability for the dates you are interested in. Our ABS Master Certified and Certified Biblical Storytellers have graduated from the NBS Academy for Biblical Storytelling and have received intensive training in presenting workshops on biblical storytelling.

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Elizabeth Adkisson, TX


ABS Certified Master Biblical Storyteller

Elizabeth applies her 30+years as a theatre director and performance skills teacher to her biblical storytelling, making it dynamic and engrossing. Her educational resource for biblical storytellers, Finding God Alive!  Reclaiming the Life in the Stories of God through Communication and Embodiment Skills, is available for purchase at  For information on her workshops and videos of stories, visit

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Sarah Agnew - UK

  Sarah Agnew is a storyteller and poet, and an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. Currently serving in a full time placement with the Canberra Central Uniting Church Parish in Australia, Sarah has for many years in Australia, the UK, and at Festival Gatherings brought story to many, both as a performer, and with workshops in reading and telling the bible aloud, telling our own stories, techniques for speaking in public and composing poetry and prayer. In 2017 Sarah completed her PhD in New Testament Language, Literature and Theology at the University of Edinburgh, with an oral performance analysis of the Letter to the Romans, focussing Paul’s community ethics of mutuality in the letter. She has adjunct faculty status with Charles Sturt University, and is a member of the NBS Scholars Seminar. As well as biblical stories, Sarah tells human stories of her own composition, and is a published poet and liturgist: go to to find out more.
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Bert C. Ambrose, Jr. - OH (NBS Board Member)

  Bert is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ who gives biblical storytelling performances for churches and community groups, educational programs in biblical storytelling and story centering and storytelling electives for judicatory lay ministry and licensing programs. He offers lay reader training for lively reading of the text and introduction to biblical storytelling workshops for groups and individuals.
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Deryll Amstutz - Kansas

  Caretaker of swine and occasional teller of fishy tales. Deryll once considered listening to sermons to be the second most boring activity he was forced to endure; second only to listening to scripture. Now, decades later, he’s changed his opinion (about scripture). Click here for Deryll's contact info.

Paola Balbi - Rome, Italy

  Paola trained as a professional actress at Accademia Nazionale D'Arte Drammatica Silvio D'Amico (Italian National Academy of Dramatic Art) in Roma and as a storyteller at Credo storytelling Trust, in London (specialized in Bible storytelling). She is the founder of both Raccontamiunastoria storytelling Company, the first professional storytelling group of Italy and the vice- president of the Federation for Italian Storytelling (FIST). She has been working as a professional actress since 1999 both in Italy and in the UK (she is a member of British Equity) and since 2003 as a storyteller on a wide international scale. With Raccontamiunastoria she created the succesful trilogy "Women of the Bible", including the three shows: "Mary, a story of three women", "Sisters from the Book" and "Foremothers". She is delegate for Italy at FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) and attends regularly at International storytelling Festivals worldwide. She loves getting involved with international and interfaith projects. She is a Roman Catholic, but strongly believes in ecumenicity and is against all kind of fundamentalism. Click here for Paola's contact info.

Linda Braggs - IL

  Reverend Linda L. Braggs is an ordained minister serving at Covenant Faith Church of God, Chicago, Illinois. She is a biblical and inspirational storyteller. Linda is enthusiastic about providing positive messages for all of her listeners. Regardless of the venue, she delights in being a blessing to each audience. She on occasion uses props, interaction, music, and visual media to enhance her presentation. Linda has been gifted by God to communicate with a variety of audiences; her background in drama, the earned distinction to compete at the national level of Toastmasters International facilitates her holding the interests of those who hear her.
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Larry Brown - MO 













Larry is an ordained pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) serving congregations for 40 years, a retired Professor of Human Geography having taught for 25 years, and has been a storyteller for over 30 years. Larry tells to all ages; his stories include Biblical texts, Ozark legends, Missouri history, Christmas stories, mystery tales, real life narratives, humorous stories, and fantasy.  His stories, derived in part from his experience in public education, activism, community leadership, and as a pastor, have entertained and instructed thousands with themes of justice, courage, and compassion.  Larry has been a featured teller at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival, the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration, the Nebraska Storytelling Festival, and other festivals; as well as dozens of schools, libraries, and churches.
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ByHeart - Delaware

ByHeart is a dynamic storytelling duo, comprised of Mary-beth Howard and Shelley Gnade, with over 25 years of experience presenting stories in two voices in various venues — from worship services to classrooms, conferences to women’s retreats, and libraries to summer camps. ByHeart tells stories, biblical as well as tales from many different cultures and traditions, as a means of illustrating common bonds.  Their performances often are embellished with movement, song, and other means of creative expression.

Membership in the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS) and the National Storytelling Network (NSN). Tellers at NBS Festival Gathering in Houston (featured tellers), Lower Brandywine Storytelling Festival in Wilmington, DE, Raccontamiunastoria Festival in Rome, and regular tellers at Westminster Presbyterian Church and The Tatnall School both in Wilmington, DE.
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Maude Carpenter - Connecticut

  Maude specializes in telling biblical stories in first and third person versions, giving the story life through using the character to tell the story anew.
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Tim Coombs - New York (NBS President)


Creator of NBS Podcasts & Videos

An ordained Presbyterian pastor, Tim has used storytelling throughout his over 20 years of ministry, even before he heard the term biblical storytelling. Tim has told stories throughout the United States in a wide variety of contexts. He serves on the Board of Directors of NBS, where he is our resident “digital guru.” Tim is also known for his Gumball Machine presentation. Just as you never know what color gumball will come out of the machine, you never know what story will roll out as well!

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Ron Coughlin - Canada 



Rev. Ron Coughlin has been doing biblical storytelling every week in church for the past twelve years. Ron is a minister with The United Church of Canada and enjoys the opportunity to tell biblical stories and learn more about them through learning them ‘by heart”.  He is a graduate of the Academy for Biblical Storytelling: Masters Certificate and President of the Board of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International. He went to Cameroon, Africa in March 2013 as part of a storytelling team.  He is the author of The Joy and Power of Biblical Storytelling:  Four Workshops with DVD.

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Kathy Culmer - Texas


ABS Certified Biblical Storyteller
Festival Gathering Workshop Coordinator

Kathy has told stories in schools, camps, museums, libraries, on college campuses, in churches, at retreats, festivals, and many other venues. She is an NBS Festival Gathering Featured Storyteller and has told at the Exchange Place at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Kathy’s story programs most often include folk tales, adaptations of Bible stories, and personal stories. Additionally, she wrote and performs two first person historical story works: They Called Me Madam: The Life of Madam C.J. Walker and This Little Light of Mine: Women in the Civil Rights Movement
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Jim Cyr - New Jersey


ABS Certified Biblical Storyteller

Jim Cyr, tells “Heart Tales” – stories of St. Francis/stories of God. Jim’s performance of “St. Francis of Assisi, the Mirror of Christ,” pairs stories from the life of St. Francis of Assisi with stories from the Gospel of Luke and other Scriptures to show how the life of St. Francis “mirrored” the life of Christ. Stories of St. Francis are doorways into the Scripture stories helping you to experience the Scriptures in a fresh way. Live music and digital media enhance the stories. Jim also performs “Stories of God,” sacred stories that connect the audience with God, their true selves, and others. “Jim Cyr…is a skilled craftsman, and deeply committed to the Gospel.  I highly recommend Jim Cyr as one of the best storytellers I have ever known.” Robert Béla Wilhelm, ThD., editor, Parables Today.

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Kate Dailey - MI

  Biblical Storytelling has been part of her ministry for many years.  Kate likes to engage the participants in the process and does this through her telling and enabling others in their telling.  She was part of the Epic Telling of the Gospel of John at the 2010 Festival. !
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Nick Della Valle - KS

  His storytelling started with Zacchaeus. It seemed like a fit. Zacchaeus was a wee little man and Nick is only 4'8". Now he portrays a variety of characters from the Bible. Nick says "It allows me to dress up and have fun while learning and teaching the tenderness of Christ."
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Mickey DiSiena - FL

  Mickey Di Siena tells the gospel each week to all the religious education classes of every age and is proclaiming the good news to a variety of adult ministries in her parish and diocese.  Mickey has a master’s degree in pastoral theology from Loyola University, ABS certification and is currently working on the ABS master of biblical storytelling.  She has taught faith formation classes for 30 years and teaches mathematics at Palm Beach State College in Florida.  She is a member of the National Storytelling Network and the Florida Storytelling Association.
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Sharon Davis - IL

  Sharon’s  Biblical storytelling started in the North West region of Cameroon, West Africa where she was an Evangelical Covenant missionary for 2.5 years.  Her ministry is holistic community development, she used Biblical storytelling as a way to teach marginalized people how to make disciples for Christ in Cameroon. Prior to going to Cameroon, she researched the people, customs, history, politics etc. As a community developer, she knew she needed to “start with what they know”.  Cameroonians, like many peoples of the developing world, are oral learners and they are storytellers.  Sharon needed a culturally appropriate and field reproducible method of reaching and training non literates (oral learners) how to make disciples for Christ.  She is back in the USA and now holding workshops and telling where ever she can.    
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Dennis Dewey - New York


Dennis Dewey is a minister of storytelling, “helping people hear the biblical stories again for the first time.” He has performed and led storytelling seminars all over the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Korea and Israel. Ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), he has has performed and/or taught at hundreds of churches, institutions and festivals from the National Storytelling Festival, Princeton Theological Seminary's Institute of Theology and the Joseph Campbell Festival to Oxford University, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Lutheran National Youth Gathering. He has appeared on national television and has produced a number of CDs and DVDs. In addition, he leads storytelling travel to the Holy Land, St. Paul's Greece, the Scotland and England of the Celtic Saints and the Spain of St. James. He is available to give performances and tell stories in worship and to lead retreats, seminars and workshops.

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Lou Divis - Pennsylvania

   Lou Divis says “I love to tell the story to touch every listener and storyteller; to open myself to divine power which transforms life; to share the divine grace that works in the deep part of the heart of the teller and the hearer.  I have told at numerous events in Northeast Pennsylvania and am available for workshops, special events, and joyful times.”
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David Downey - Virginia

  David specializes in adult Bible story programs ranging from 30 to 75 Min. He also performs shorter sermon length stories (15-20 min.), childrens stories and seasonal Bible stories for special event programs. He offers full day workshops on learning and telling Bible stories. David also performs the complete book of Revelation in two 50 Min. sessions.
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Steve Estes - Washington

  Steve Estes retired from public school teaching in 2001, after 35 years. He wrote his first Biblical “story/song” about Moses, for his children in 1996. After completing his fourth song, he began singing his Biblical Story/Songs at churches in the Seattle area. He now resides on Camano Island, where performs and leads Biblical Storytelling Worshops

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Pam Faro - Colorado

  Pam Faro is a professional storyteller who performs and teaches across the U.S. She was the Featured Storyteller for the 2005 Festival Gathering and was the keynote speaker for the 2008 Australian National Gathering. Pam is an ABS mentor and member of the NBS Scholar's Seminar. She earned her MDiv from Iliff School of Theology.
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Dina Ferguson - California (NBS Board Treasurer)


Rev. Dr. Ferguson tells the Gospel in worship services and sees the difference it makes (by the way it makes a BIG difference!). She has told in many churches in Southern California. She has also gathered groups of new storytellers to learn the skills of biblical storytelling.


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Casey FitzGerald - MD

  Casey FitzGerald is a certified biblical storyteller through ABS and has served as an associate pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA since 2007. She has a passion for connecting the people of God to the stories of God through leading workshops, worship, and story performances. Especially interested in getting others to learn and tell biblical stories, Casey recently launched Faith and Wonder, a resource for people of all ages to engage in biblical and personal storytelling.
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Beth Galbreath - Illinois 

  Beth Galbreath is a passionate Biblical storyteller and teacher of the art, both in workshops and online through She is an ordained United Methodist deacon whose ministry also includes worship design, spiritual direction, and leading spiritual retreats around sacred stories. She is coordinator of Prairie Wind Guild: Tellers of Sacred Stories in the Chicago and northern Illinois area.
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Jacob Golden - North Carolina

  "Jacob has been a member of NBS since the early ‘90s and earned a doctor of ministry degree in biblical storytelling with Tom Boomershine in 1998.  A retired United Methodist minister and former chaplain/teacher in an independent school, he has used biblical storytelling to offer creative worship experiences and engaging religious education curricula for children, teens, and adults.  He is an avid advocate of the power of biblical story and is available to lead biblical storytelling workshops/retreats and/or to perform." 
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Linnea Good - BC Canada

  Linnea's primary calling is to assist people in giving voice to their spirituality through song and story. She is one of Canada's best loved faith singer-songwriters for all-ages. She has a Master of Religious Education degree with a focus on music as a tool in Christian Education and is a certified teller and educator through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling. Her gifts lie in the inter-weaving of the things she believes most powerful in the ongoing life of the Church: the biblical story, singing and sharing our faith in a community of all ages. She gives concerts, workshops and leads in creative liturgy.
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Sandy Gould - North Texas 


Sandy is in full time ministry since 1990. She currently leads Oral Bible Storytelling workshops as a means for those who do not have a written Bible in their heart language. Sandy is available to lead workshops in storytelling for small groups to enhance their engagement with God's Word. She also available to do performances of Biblical Storytelling for retreats, events or as a way to model the Art of Storytelling. 

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William and Polly Green - North Carolina

   William and Polly Green are leaders of the storytelling ministry at First United Methodist Church in Cary, N.C. They enjoy telling biblical stories individually and together. Their favorite story to tell together is “The Wedding at Cana of Galilee” (John 2:1-12). William has performed larger portions of Scripture such as: “The Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7), the book of Jonah, II Timothy, and “The Creation Story” (Genesis 1-2). They are available on a limited basis for performances, consultations and workshops.
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Karl Hallsten - Florida

  An animated storyteller who loves to tell The Story. Karl specializes in biblical stories told on the line, between the lines and outside the lines. He also tells a full range of other stories for adult, family and youth audiences above fourth grade. Workshops and coaching available. He is a member NBS, National Storytelling Network and the Florida Storytelling Association.
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Alan Hoal - North Carolina

  Alan is an attorney by trade. He has been an active storyteller for over 23 years and has a broad repertoire of biblical stories tailored to specific themes and messages. He is the founder of several storytelling festivals, including The Sounds of the Mountains Festival held each April in Virginia at his childhood church camp, Camp Bethel
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Margaret-Ann Howie - MD

  Margaret-Ann Howie is an ABS Certified Biblical Storyteller. She is a member of the New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, where she serves as a deaconess.   She earned her Master of Arts in Theology from the St. Mary’s Seminary and University in Baltimore.  Margaret-Ann is also a skilled workshop presenter and a gifted writer.  Margaret-Ann is the author of Single Supplement: Paying the Price and Enjoying the Journey.  A seventh-generation Marylander, Margaret-Ann’s non-biblical stories are rich in the culture and language of her native state.
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Jackie Johnson - Maryland

  I am a biblical storyteller, educator, keynote speaker, and a facilitator for retreats and workshops. My calling and greatest passion is to teach the Word of God. I love storytelling. It is one of the most amazing tools for teaching the Scripture. It helps people experience the biblical text in profound ways.
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Joyce E. Johnson - Indiana


ABS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller

Joyce Elaine Gill Johnson is an NBS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller. She serves in Christian Education Ministries at Mount Zion Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN. Joyce is coordinator and teacher of Discipleship Studies and leader for the Scripture-by-Heart Biblical Storytelling Ministry. She is co-presenter of Biblical StorytellingStory-Learning Workshops at Indiana Women’s Prison. She received her Masters in Christian Education from Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis.
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Wendy Johnston



ABS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller

Wendy has been telling and writing stories since she was a little girl. She is Australian living in Ireland since 2002. Wendy has been exploring Biblical Storytelling since 2000 when she first heard the Pentecost story told by heart. It was a defining moment that changed her life. She is an ABS Certified Master Biblical Storyteller and loves to write creative word pictures to accompany the stories she tells. She has a blog called  Alongside the Biblical stories Wendy tells, she has developed some longer performances incorporating digital and visual sets which enable the listener to be drawn into the stories completely. "A Night With Messy Women" tells Matthew Chapter 1 and then explores the stories of the women who are mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus. “Road-tripping With the Exiles” mixes Biblical stories alongside modern day stories of people who were sold into slavery or sent into exile or fled as refugees and reminds the listeners of what we say about those in exile and what Almighty God says about those in exile.



Mobile: +44 7724 429 125


Karen R. Jones - Missouri

  I retell Bible stories, especially those of Jesus, text-tell biblical texts and offer how-it-might-have-been monologues. I believe in the power of God's stories, for they are not only ancient but eternal. I also present folk tales and poetry. I do pulpit supply and church programs. I am a teacher and a United Methodist.
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Kay Koenig - Indiana

  Kay Koenig lives in Shelbyville, Indiana . She has been leading Bible workshops for over 20 years.  Her current Passion is "Women of the Bible" and she "tells" the stories of many Biblical women.  Her "Day in the Life of a Women of the Bible" - done at the 2010 Gathering - is a background foundation workshop for story tellers.  She is a contributor to "The Biblical Storyteller"
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Jim Kulma -Ohio


Jim has been a member of NBS since 1994 and currently serves on the Board of Directors. He is a Lutheran pastor (ELCA) and adopted a narrative style of preaching while in seminary and in his first parish. Tom Boomershine and the world of NBS helped weave all the threads to embrace biblical storytelling the NBSs way. Jim regularly provides pulpit supply and performs across northern Ohio with occasional invitations to provide retreats and workshops across the country. He tells a selection of favorite biblical stories, sacred teaching stories, and the Passion and Birth narratives. Jim also plays and teaches Tai Chi and Qigong, traditional Chinese health exercises, and is known for his ability to introduce newcomers to these ancient health practices during relaxation breaks during Festival Gatherings. Jim incorporates these same bodywork practices into his retreat/workshop formats for an experience that not only informs but also relaxes and rejuvenates the spirit.

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Janice Langholz - Virginia

  Janice Benham Langholz is a retired Fairfax County Public Schools educator, who was called to a second career as a Biblical storyteller. She earned an MTS (Master of Theological Studies) in 2011 from Wesley Theological Seminary, combining her passions for historical research and the Bible. Janice is a founding member of Living the Story, the Greater DC Area Guild of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International. She has taught bible literacy classes to children, teenagers and adults at her local church, Rock Spring Congregational United Church of Christ, in Arlington. Janice has told Biblical stories as part of worship, stewardship activities, education classes and Advent parties for children, teens and adults at churches in DC, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. She can be reached at
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Dan Longenecker - VA

  Dan is a former Mennonite pastor (PA., OR., KS., and GA.); a professional director of pastoral care (N.J. and VA); and a church magazine writer. He has been an active NBS member since 1992, one of its workshop leaders at 4 assemblies, and regularly introduces biblical storytelling (ecumenically) to many congregations, pastors, & other church leaders. 
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Gail Losch - West Virginia


ABS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller
NBS Treasurer

Gail has been "telling" since 1998, when she attended her first NBS Festival Gathering. She answered God's call to biblical storytelling ministry and completed the Academy of Biblical Storyteller course to become a Certified Biblical Storyteller. She is currently enrolled in the ABS Master certification program. Gail is a United Methodist but works with several different denominations in her ministry. A very active leader with United Methodist Women, she has served as a district, conference, and jurisdiction officer and as a director of the national United Methodist Women for the past 25 years. Gail conducts retreats, workshops, and biblical storytelling presentations, mostly for church and women's groups.
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Carol Lykins - Georgia

  Carol uses storytelling in her church on a regular basis and works with all ages. She also performs dramatic first person characterizations.
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Cindy Maybeck - MA

  ABS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller  
Rev. Cindy Maybeck, the Storytelling Minister, designs original presentations blending biblical and personal stories to inspire, heal and renew clergy and church folks.  She brings plenty of wisdom as well as gentle humor from 24 years of ministry in congregations affiliated with American Baptist Churches, United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  A popular preacher and teacher, her stories leave audiences transfixed and inspired, many report experiencing healing and a deep sense of God’s love.  She offers presentations for Christmas, Lent and Pentecost.  She performs programs about prayer, healing, and stewardship.  Her favorite stories are from the book of Acts.  She is available to preach, lead retreats, teach workshops, and present storytelling concerts.
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George Vimensi Minang - Cameroon
NBS Cameroon Coordinator

  An ordained minister with the Cameroon Baptist Convention in Cameroon, West Africa, George studied Biblical Storytelling with NBS International at the 2011 Gambia Institute in Banjul. In 2012 he was appointed NBS Cameroon Coordinator and in 2013 he led the Cameroon team to host the first ever International biblical storytelling conferences in Cameroon with facilitators from the USA and Canada. George is passionate in ministering to the non-literate (oral learners) using biblical storytelling. He administers pastoral care through biblical storytelling and runs biblical storytelling workshops with social workers, seminary students and in churches, with pastors, chaplains, laity and oral learners.
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Patrick McWilliams - CO

  Drawing on his thirty years of teaching literature and drama, Patrick has given more than 100 performances of the KJV Gospel of Mark.  He offers “Mark,” a 45-minute “Story of David” and workshops in biblical storytelling, travel expenses only. See excerpts on YouTube: Bring the Bible Alive!
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  T.J. Parlette - MN
  T.J. is the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff for First Presbyterian Church  of Rochester, MN. and has been telling stories since 2000. He tells many stories from the Gospels with a concentration on the Gospel of Mark. T.J. became a Master Certified Biblical Storyteller in 2008.
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Daneen Pysz - CA

  Daneen has written many songs and stories about women in the Bible. She portrays and tells us these women’s stories in a unique style.  Her body of work is called, “The Bibles ‘Bad’ Girls”. The word “Bad” can have a double meaning. For instance, in 1960’s slang; if someone said, “Oh, that’s bad!”, they could have meant “Oh, that’s good!”Daneen uses the double meaning of the word “Bad” as she tells her stories about these amazing women who did brave and courageous deeds, and always for the glory and honor of God.Each piece was researched by Daneen, using the Bible as the primary reference and using various other sources, but most of all, she was guided by the gift of the Holy Spirit. She has blended her research with her personal interpretation of these women’s lives with the goal of both informing and entertaining you. Click here for Daneens's contact info.

Tracy Radosevic - Maryland


Dean - Academy for Biblical Storytelling

Tracy Radosevic is a professional freelance storyteller from Maryland. She has a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality for Transforming Community (with a concentration in digital storytelling) from Wesley Theological Seminary in DC, a Master's Degree in Storytelling from ETSU and another in Religious Education from Duke. She teaches, preaches and performs -- for churches, schools and conferences -- and has done so all over the world since 1991. Tracy enjoys telling any and all stories that make her audiences look at usual occurrences in unusual ways and is particularly fond of mining biblical narratives for their humor and their often-overlooked feminine inspirations. Her favorite venues for such collaborative explorations are weekend retreats and storytelling pilgrimages to Israel/Palestine. 
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Richard Rice - New York

  Richard began biblical storytelling under NBS founder Tom Boomershine in 1973. His signature story is Jonah. Richard has led retreats and workshops for over 15 years on stories from the Bible. His favorite stories include - Isaiah's Vision, Luke's Christmas Story, Bartimeus, Good Samaritan, Prodigal Son, Walk to Emmaus, and The Three Resurrection Appearances to the Disciples from John.
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Lou Roossien - Michigan

  Lou Roossien has been a biblical storyteller since 1988. He is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church, has been in urban ministry for 40 years, most recently as executive director of ‘The Other Way’ Ministries in Grand Rapids, MI. He led a church storytelling group for 12 years, is a biblical storytelling workshop leader and has told biblical stories from San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the local County Jail. In 2012, he participated in an oral biblical storytelling training workshop in Cameroon, W. Africa, with The Seed Company, affiliate of Wycliffe Translators.
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Danette Rosenberg - NC

  Danette Rosenberg became interested in biblical storytelling in 1992 while attending the NBS Festival Gathering.  It was the first time that she had heard scripture that actually made her feel that she was there and a part of the story.  Since then she has been text telling in churches and nursing homes in hopes of making the scripture come alive for others as it did for her.  She is part of the Good News Tellers who do programs combining text telling and first person biblical monologues.  She lives in Cherryville, NC and tells in the Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln and Mecklenburg counties area of NC.
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Juliana Rowe - New York


NBS Director of International Relations
I do biblical storytelling in the New York metropolitan area.  I enjoy telling the text as written in the NRSV translation of Bible, but I am open to using any other translation if requested.  Churches use our performances in a number of ways: as part of their worship service; to replace a sermon and the reading of a lesson when the resident minister is away; and at special afternoon or evening gatherings that call for scripture readings and discussions.  There is a place for our work in church annual conferences of all denominations.  I started my adult life as a missionary and later trained professionally in theatre arts in London. A dramatist, producer/director, I founded my own theatre company in Sierra Leone and later obtained a Masters Degree in Performance Studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. I now combine my two loves, for God's word and the theatre, in making the old, old stories of the Bible alive and relevant in today’s digital world.

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Philip Ruge-Jones - Wisconsin (NBS Seminar Coordinator)


Phil Ruge-Jones is the longtime coordinator of the NBSI Seminar and was the NBSI Festival Gathering keynote in 2017. He co-edited the book The Bible in Ancient and Modern Media. He performs the Gospel of Mark under the title of I Tell You, This is the Way It Is (video here,) as well as the first four chapters of Exodus and numerous other stories. He currently lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where is a pastor at Grace Lutheran Church.

Click here for Philip's contact info.

Lori Ruge-Jones - Texas

  Lori has lots of experience, and takes joy in, teaching biblical storytelling to young adults on college campuses and in various campus ministry settings. She has also worked with elementary age children, and junior and senior high youth, as well as adults. Lori uses storytelling primarily in the context of worship, and has been a biblical storyteller since 1995. Click here for Lori's contact info.


Pamela Smith - Indiana


ABS Certified Biblical Storyteller

“Biblical storytelling is my vocation and my passion!” Pamela is a long time member of NBS and is also a member of the National Storytelling Network. She worships at St. David's Episcopal Church in Bean Blossom, Indiana, where she serves on the administrative board and convenes the worship and music committee. She is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, a grandmother, and a poet.
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Jim Stahl - Texas

  Jim joined NBS in 2007 when he began researching oral traditions and Biblical storytelling for his Wycliffe Bible Translators role. Jim and his wife, Janet help Bibleless language groups tell the Biblical stories in their own languages. Jim and Janet told Biblical stories regularly while attending First Presbyterian Duncanville, and hope to do the same in and around Bethlehem, PA, where they now live. Click here for Jim's contact info.

Janet Steele - Ohio


ABS Certified Biblical Storyteller

Janet has fifteen-plus years’ experience in biblical storytelling. An innovative Vacation Bible School storyteller, she gladly trains volunteer storytellers. Janet offers specially-tailored Advent and Easter programs for luncheons, dinners or afternoon teas. She is a Certified Lay Minister in the United Methodist Church, available for pulpit supply, biblical storytelling, retreat and workshop leadership.

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Martha Taylor - Virginia

  Martha’s first experiences at storytelling were in public schools and public libraries telling folktales and elephant stories - she memorized Dr. Seuss' Horton Hatches the Egg to celebrate his birthday. She tells biblical stories using the NBS method and has done biblical storytelling in churches in Florida and Virginia mainly during Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Stewardship seasons. Audiences say Martha’s biblical storytelling is “powerful” and “really brings the text to life.”
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The Women of the Passion - Alabama

  Jesus was the master storyteller. He’d say, “Hey, did you hear the one about…” and then tell a parable to teach a truth. “The Women of the Passion” through the discipline of Biblical Storytelling long to communicate these God-inspired stories to the world. We first performed the original musical drama in January, 2011, we have traveled over 3000 miles since that day. Our stories are told in simple terms that normal people can understand. It’s easy to complicate the gospel, and of course, Satan would love for us to do just that. The apostle Paul worried that “your minds would be led astray from the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.” (2 Cor. 11:3 NASB) ,Stories told from the view of the women woven in cultural realities of Israel, 2000 years ago offers all the world a  place to begin to understand what Jesus means to them. That's really the function of the story's a way for them to articulate their understanding of Jesus. And in the process of storytelling, when we recognize it as a living part of the development of the tradition, we're watching them define Jesus for themselves. At that moment we have caught an authentic and maybe one of the most historically significant parts of the development of Christianity. Click here for their contact info.

Thelma Ruffin Thomas - New York

  Thelma Ruffin Thomas a native New Yorker from Harlem is a retired librarian and Artistic Director of The Pearls of Wisdom. She is a professional folk storyteller, whose work has taken her to Tanzania, Brazil, Ghana, Costa Rica, South Africa, Russia, and Australia.  For over a decade, Thelma’s repertoire has included biblical storytelling - doing one woman shows, leading workshops and participating in seminars in the US and beyond. On her recent mission to the Gambia, her spellbinding, jaw-dropping performances of ‘rapping’ Gospel stories drew crowds to her workshops. Her skillful use of ‘rap’ as an attention-getter and engaging teaching tool in folk and biblical storytelling works each time. Her storytelling appeals to all ages, especially children and youth for whom she has developed styles that really rouse and develop their interest. Thelma is always willing and ready to perform wherever and whenever there is a need to tell and teach biblical storytelling.
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Eric Samuel Timm - Minnesota

  Artist, communicator, & author Eric Samuel Timm captivates his audiences with a unique teaching style & unforgettable live art performances. Eric authored the bestseller Static Jedi while currently finishing a Masters of Divinity and serving as Teaching Pastor & Outreach Evangelist. When he speaks, listen - when he paints, see what you couldn’t hear. Depulso Creperum.
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Donna Marie Todd - North Carolina
Editor, "The Biblical Storyteller" magazine

  The “Singer of Stories,” Donna Marie is a popular performer for churches, festivals and conferences. She is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist who offers retreats for widows and caregivers through She trained in vocal performance at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and has recorded three CDs.
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Suzanne Tyler - North Carolina

  A member of NBS since 1996, Suzanne enjoys telling at Pilgrim UCC-Durham, where she is a member.  She is available, locally, for workshops and retreats on storylearning, exploring spiritual journey as story, or creating family stories.  The senses, movement and artistic response are embraced as paths toward learning.  Suzanne believes God loves a good story.
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Drew Willard - FL

  Drew Willard started telling Bible stories in 1987 at the St David's, PA "Festival Gathering". In the summer of 2007, Drew went on a “Gospel pilgrimage of storytelling”, presenting 19 ‘story concerts’. In recent years, he has teamed up with a Jewish storyteller and Muslim imam for "evenings of sacred storytelling".
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Susan Wilson - Canada

  From our infancy, stories shape our lives.  We love to read, tell, watch, listen and enter into stories.  Somehow the joy with which we approach ‘secular’ or ‘mythical’ stories does not always translate onto the stories of our sacred scripture.  Learning scripture by heart takes us deeper into the stories of faith that shape our lives.  Susan is a parish priest in the Diocese of Niagara, Anglican Church of Canada.  She has received certification through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling and is an active member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers both in Canada and in the US.  Susan leads workshops, quiet days and retreats using Biblical Storytelling as a vital spiritual practise for both clergy and laity.
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Carol S. Wolf - New York


ABS Master Certified Biblical Storyteller

Carol is a national retreat and workshop leader. She is the author of “Biblical Storytelling in Youth Ministry”, a guide for using biblical stories to work with youth and “Journey into Prayer.” Carol is also a newspaper and television columnist and an Associate Spiritual Director at the St. Joseph Center for Spirituality. Her workshop and retreat topics include Stress Solutions, Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts and Discovering Your Purpose, Getting to Know the Angels and Women in Scripture.
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