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Bidding Starts Saturday, February 17 at noon ET

You may bid online (best way) by clicking on a link that will be on this page at that time. 

You may also call the NBS Office at 1-800-355-6627 in USA (or 317-931-2352 international)


What are the Epic Texts This Year?

Click here for a listing of the 2018 texts.


How Do I Prepare to Bid?

Please review these documents before bidding:

Introduction to Epic Telling for 2018

Difficult Texts

Marti Steussy’s Commentary on 1 Kings 1


What is an Epic Telling?

The Epic Telling is a monumental experience unique to the Network of Biblical Storytellers.  Each year at our annual Festival Gathering, an entire book of the Bible (or large portion of one) is told by individuals one after the other (with no breaks or applause) as a group performance.

Who Can Participate?

Storytellers are chosen by a bidding process.  Anyone who is registered for the Festival Gathering is welcome to bid on the texts.  Make sure to give your top 3 choices, as many people will be wanting the same texts.

I’ve Never Told Before, Is That ok?

Absolutely!  If you receive a winning bid, please learn your part well and practice, practice, practice!  The Epic should be a seamless performance which moves in a timely fashion.  Use the NRSV or CEB translation.  https://www.biblegateway.com/

Who Can Come and Listen?

Guests are welcome to come and hear the performance 7 pm Thursday, August 2, 2018, in the Dayton University Marriott ballroom.  The Festival Gathering will be held at the Marriott this year.

How Many People are Usually in the Audience?

All the attendees of the Festival Gathering, about 200 people.

Will There Be a Rehearsal for the Tellers?

Usually there is a warm up ½ hour before the performance to get people lined up.

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