Epic Telling Video Instructions



The videos of the three stories that are part of the Epic Telling of "Luke Lite" for Festival Gathering 2017 are intended [1] to provide an opportunity for experiment in digital telling and [2] to provide a measure of "communication relief" in what will be a rather long Epic.

For consistency's sake, Jason Chesnut will serve as editor of the video. Your work will provide him with the "raw material." Jason has full editorial authority over this project.

1) Please submit the raw video of yourself telling your passage from 2-3 different angles. Tell to the same focal point for each. (i.e., perhaps one straight-on, telling to the camera, then next from a lower angle but with you focused on telling to the point where the "straight-on" camera was, etc...)

2) Try to be consistent with sound levels (i.e., distance from the recording microphone).

3) Be aware of background (both visually and noise wise). Try to light the telling in a way that provides sufficient brightness and warmth to your face.

4) Use the highest quality recording equipment available to you. An iPhone will be good enough.

5) If you want to submit an additional video using your own imagery and creative videography, you may submit that as well.

6) Submissions will be made by uploading to a folder on Jason's Google Drive. Simply connect to this link and upload your video: 




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