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What is an Epic Telling?

The Epic Telling is a monumental experience unique to the Network of Biblical Storytellers. Each year at our annual Festival Gathering of Biblical Storytelling, an entire book of the Bible (or a large portion of one) is told by individuals one after the other (with no breaks or applause) as a group performance.

Who can participate in the Epic Telling?

Storytellers are chosen from a bidding process. Anyone who is registered for the Festival Gathering is welcome to bid on the texts.  Make sure to give your top 3 choices, as many people will be wanting the same texts. Bidding will begin at Noon EST on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017. You will not be able to bid prior to that time, so have your selections ready!

I've never told before, is that okay?

Absolutely! We just ask that if you receive a winning bid, you learn your part well and practice, practice, practice! The Epic should be a seamless performance which moves in a timely fashion. If you have questions, please call or email the NBS office. And please use the NRSV version of the Bible as you prepare your text.

What is the Epic Text for This Year?

The Epic Telling for the 2017 Festival Gathering is “Luke Lite”—all the parts of the Gospel of Luke that are unique to that gospel with just enough additional synoptic* and Q** material to hold the narrative together. This represents roughly 60% of Luke’s total gospel.

What's different about this year's Epic Telling?

It will take place in the auditorium of the 4H Center (unlike in past years when it was held at the Chevy Chase United Methodist Church).

It will be introduced and concluded by a “Narrator,” who will also provide several summary narratives by way of transitions in the storyline.

It will offer the opportunity for three would-be videographers to submit video tellings that will be edited for consistency’s sake by videographer Jason Chesnut. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO GUIDELINES BEFORE SELECTING THIS OPTION!

The well-known Lucan birth story (Lk 2:1-20) will be done as “everybody tells,” that is by audience participation.

Bidders may select from 34 individual passages and may also apply to be part of the “Epic Telling Team” which will stage Luke 15 (Parables of Lost and Found) and Luke 24:13-49 (The Walk to Emmaus and Appearance to the Disciples) as a directed ensemble telling.

How do I bid to create one of the video tellings?

Use the online bidding form and check the passage you would like to submit on video.

Make sure to check the box indicating that you understand that you will adhere to the guidelines provided by Jason Chesnut and understand that your video will be edited for length and consistency. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS

How do I bid to be part of the Epic Telling Team
(for Luke 15 & 24)?

Simply indicate which of the two ensemble tellings you want to take part in: Luke 15 (“AAA”) or Luke 24 (BBB).

NOTE: Each of these will be limited to the first four tellers and will require additional preparation time in advance of the Festival Gathering as well as rehearsal in the time leading up to the Epic Telling presentation.

May I bid for an individual telling, a video telling and to be a part of the Epic Telling Team ensemble?

You may bid for up to two of the three options.

Who can come and listen?

The Epic Telling is not open to the public due to 4-H Center regulations. Conferees form the audience for the telling.

How many people are usually in the audience?

A typical audience is about 250 people, who are Festival Gathering attendees.

Will there be a rehearsal for the tellers?

Usually there is a warm up 1/2 hour before the performance when tellers are given instructions and lined up. However, since the divisions are a little more complicated this year, there will be an additional rehearsal time for all tellers. The day and time will be announced at the festival.

What are the Theme Stories for this year's Festival Gathering?

Although they are not part of the Epic, these stories will be told in worship and will be used in some of the workshops. They are: Genesis 18:1-15 (The Promise to Abraham and Sarah); Luke 2:25-38 (Simeon and Anna) and Luke 2:41-52 (The Boy Jesus in the Temple).


Bidding Rules:  

1. You must be registered for the Festival Gathering before placing your bid.  You do not need to secure your room reservation, only your FG registration, which can be done online or by calling the NBS Office at 1-800-355-6627.   REGISTER NOW.   
submit a bid prior noon EST  Sat, Feb. 18, 2017  Use the bidding form that will be on this page on Feb. 18, or if you do not have internet access, call the NBS Office and leave a message.  
3. Submit your first, second, and third choices using our online bid form which will be available beginning Sat., Feb. 18.
4. USE THE NRSV to prepare your text division for the telling.



2017 Festival Gathering
August 2-5
National 4-H Center
Near Washington DC

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Philip Ruge-Jones

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