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Do YOU have connections that could lead to a successful international mission for NBS? If so, please contact Beth Galbreath, NBS liason for international relations.

Contact Beth Galbreath to learn more about being on a team in the future.

Click here to watch Korean biblical storytellers share the word.

Read about NBSI Festivals across the globe!

2017 Mission Trips included:

Haiti, India, Cameroon

Philippines Mission

Read about the seeds planted on the trip in the 2015 Outreach issue of The Biblical Storyteller. Thanks to all the team members who gave of their stories, love and time to make this mission a reality!


Cameroon Festival Gathering for Biblical Storytelling a Success!

One year after an international team of NBS biblical storytellers went to Cameroon to teach biblical storytelling, NBS Cameroon Coordinator Rev. George Minang held the first ever Festival Gathering for Biblical Storytelling in Cameroon! 

Click here to read an article from The Biblical Storyteller about our international missions trip to Cameroon in 2013.  

Contact the Cameroon Biblical Storytelling Guild



Annual Canadian Festival in October

Click here to contact Ron Coughlin about the Canadian guild.

Find reports on some of our international missions below:

Cambodian Mission Thank You!
West Africa Report
Gambian Storytellers Report Success!
Tim Coomb's Gambian Trip Journal
Biblical Storytelling in Cameroon

Over the years NBS has increased its international membership base and outreach efforts. In 2010, Juliana Rowe became the NBS Director of International Relations. Under her leadership the Network has made numerous trips to spread the word about biblical storytelling. Here is an example of the success these missions have had on the pastors and laity attending our international workshops:

"Bishop Robert Ellison, Catholic Bishop of the Gambia, in April this year had this to say at a gathering of 2,000.  He recalled that during the month of March, the Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS) came from the US to The Gambia for the second time to help them dig deeper into the meaning as well as the mystery of God's words.   He said, "We believe that by telling of the stories of the Bible during our liturgies (instead of reading them,) we can touch the hearts and lives of those who listen in a deeper way."   Bishop Ellison explained that their own network of lectors has also opened up the riches of the word of God both for themselves as well as for their communities..."

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