Ellen Handlin - NBS Coordinator

Ellen is our “go to” person for all things “Network!” She is in our corporate offices at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis and can be reached at 1-800-355-6627 or email her at nbs@nbsint.org.



Donna Marie Todd - Editor, The Biblical Storyteller

Donna Marie has over 20 years experience in magazine publishing and was publisher of LifeDesign magazine for almost a decade. A professional storyteller and teaching artist, she lives in the mountains of North Carolina where she is a frequent presenter at the region’s many conference and retreat centers. She is also the founder of A Widows Tale retreat programs for widowed women and the publisher of Widow magazine.  Visit her website or email her.




Tracy Radosevic - Dean, Academy for Biblical Storytelling

This gifted teacher has made her living as a full-time freelance storyteller/educator (mostly of biblical narratives) since 1997. In that time she has traveled the globe introducing folks to the power of the spoken word and teaching them how to tap into that transformational spiritual discipline themselves. She has a Master's in Religious Education from Duke Divinity, an MA in Storytelling from East Tennessee State, and a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality for Life Together from Wesley Theological Seminary where she is currently an adjunct professor. Visit her on the web at www.tracyrad.com or email her at tracy@tracyrad.com.




Ron Coughlin - President

Ron is an ordained minister with the United Church of
Canada. Since 1973 he has ministered in a variety of parishes,
served in the head office of his denomination and taught at a seminary. He is one of the founders of the Network of Biblical Storytellers - Canada. Click here to contact Ron.





Beth Galbreath, V.P.

Rev. Beth Galbreath (www.bethgalbreath.com), vice president, is a United Methodist deacon specializing in “Digital Culture Ministry”: Biblical storytelling and using visual and other technologies well for the sake of the Gospel. She performs, teaches in person and online at www.beadisciple.com, and coordinates the Chicago-area Prairie Wind Guild: Tellers of Sacred Stories.




Rev. Dr. Dina Ferguson - Treasurer

Dina is an Episcopal priest in California and is a past president of the NBS Board of Directors. Email Dina.




Tom Boomershine - Founder

Tom is President of GoTell Communications and is an internationally known speaker and author in the interpretation of the narratives of the Bible as oral story in antiquity and also in the communication systems of the digital age. A retired professor of New Testament and Christianity and Communications at United Theological Seminary, he was also the Dean of the Lumicon Institute where he led a team that established the first comprehensive program for the education of clergy and laity in digital culture ministry. Many will recognize Tom as the on-camera talent in three segments of the United Methodist “Disciple” Bible study series. Tom’s book Story Journey: An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling transformed the ministry of many pastors and active laity. You can learn more about Tom's important work on his website.

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