Luke 24:1-12

Commentary Excerpt by Tom Boomershine

Luke's story of the discovery of the empty tomb by the women is a rich and dynamic story. The character of the sounds is relatively easy to identify.

The first episode is a description of the stone being rolled away from the perspective of the women. It is to be told with their emotions. Their feelings are on the one hand perplexity, as named in the story, but also fear of the unknown and terror in response to the appearance of the two men. The angel's words are calm. Their announcement of the resurrection is joyful. The concluding focus of their announcement is to invite the women, and, therefore, the audience to remember Jesus' words.

The next part of the story, returning from the tomb, is also told from the perspective of the women. It communicates their excitement as they told the apostles what had happened. The description of the disbelief of the apostles is from the point of view of the narrator and is a big letdown. Peter's running is told with the energy of his going to find out what had happened and then being perplexed at the end of the story. These moves in the story are the points of major change in the dynamics of its telling.

Now let's listen to the story with more attention to its details. The two episodes that establish the setting for the resurrection announcement begin with the setting in time and place: "first day of the week, early dawn, they came to the tomb" Then we are told the action of the women and the "problem" in the plot: "they came to the tomb, they found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in they didn't find the body." That's the climax of the first episode.

The second episode is the description of the two men in dazzling clothes, and the response of the women. They respond in terror and bow their faces to the ground.

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