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“I believe that learning and telling biblical stories changes the way we hear the gospel and live our lives.”
The  Rev. Dr. Dina Ferguson, Episcopal Church, CA
Past President of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, Int’l.

If you want to learn more about biblical storytelling and the work of the Network of Biblical Storytellers we’d suggest a subscription to our full color, quarterly magazine The Biblical Storyteller. Filled with rich images and engaging content, The Biblical Storyteller will give you: scholarly insight into the performance criticism of the Bible, performance techniques, approaches to worship and Christian education that employ the biblical narrative as a key component, thoughts about reaching outside the church walls with biblical storytelling programs and workshops for your community and much, much more!

Subscriptions are $25 per year and can be ordered here or call 800-355-6627 and pay by phone. Subscriptions are also a benefit of membership in the Network!

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A membership supports your storytelling journey by providing you with printed and online resources for inquiry, study and inspiration. Membership also gives you a substantial ($100!) discount to our annual Festival Gathering! Join today.

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