Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Commentary Excerpt by Tom Boomershine

Once again in this parable and its interpretation, we have the same dynamics as last week.This parable and its interpretation are a little bit louder and more dynamic. The setting is a larger crowd, therefore, louder and then it is intimate and quieter when it comes to Jesus’ discussion with the disciples. Therefore, tell the first part loud as if you were talking to several hundred people and in the second part huddle up with the twelve and quietly explain the parable to your listeners.

The parable addresses the situation of farmers who would plant good seeds and weeds would come up and they would wonder where all of the weeds came from. This was a primary problem in agricultural society in the ancient world and there really wasn't much to do about it. If you tried to pull up the weeds, since they didn't plant in rows or anything, you'd step on and pull up a lot of the plants that had just been established and you would do more damage than if you just let them grow. This is a description of the experience of farming in the ancient world where weeds were a major problem and they did not have insecticide or weed killer that would eliminate them. So, they would just let weeds grow and then when the harvest came, they would separate out the weeds from the wheat so that the weed seeds wouldn't get into the grain. This is an actual description of what happened in the fields of Jesus' day.

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