Resources for learning and telling biblical stories by heart.



Stories by Narrative

From Founder Tom Boomershine. Audio telling, soundmap of the story, audio commentary, written commentary, and original image of each story arranged by book, chapter, and verse.


Stories by Lectionary

From Founder Tom Boomershine. Audio telling, soundmap of the story, audio commentary, written commentary, and original image of each story arranged by the Revised Common Lectionary calendar.


Biblical Storytelling in Christian Education

Read an article on Tween Bible Study from The Biblical Storyteller

Kurt Jarvis, NBS member, has developed numerous resources for telling stories to children both in the United States and on the foreign mission field. Click here to visit his website for free, downloadable resources!


Telling Biblical Stories for Peace

Read an article from The Biblical Storyteller by Past NBS President Dina Ferguson on telling stories of peace.


Using Biblical Translations in Storytelling

Read an article from The Biblical Storyteller by NBS Co-Founder Adam Bartholomew about using biblical translations in storytelling.



Watch a video of a Bible story told by an NBS storyteller! As a companion to each telling, you will hear one of the NBS Seminar scholars provide the biblical performance criticism on the story. Biblical performance criticism examines how  the oral performance informs our understanding of the text.


The Biblical Storyteller


If you want to learn more about biblical storytelling and the work of the Network of Biblical Storytellers we’d suggest a subscription to our full color, quarterly magazine The Biblical Storyteller. Filled with rich images and engaging content, The Biblical Storyteller will give you: scholarly insight into the performance criticism of the Bible, performance techniques, approaches to worship and Christian education that employ the biblical narrative as a key component, thoughts about reaching outside the church walls with biblical storytelling programs and workshops for your community and much, much more!

Subscriptions are $25 per year and can be ordered here or call 800-355-6627 and pay by phone. Subscriptions are also a benefit of membership in the Network!


Festival Gathering 2018 Notes

Loved the Rev. Dr. Cynthia Park's keynote at the 2018 Festival Gathering? You have access to Cynthia Park's keynote summary notes right here.


An Online Resource List from Festival Gathering 2017 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Phil Ruge-Jones 

Research a biblical composition:
If you have graduated from a Seminary or Divinity school, look into seeing if they offer you online access to the wonderful ATLA data base of articles or ask a clergy friend to help make this connection.
Go to the Scripture Index section to find multiple resources for a particular composition. Commentary, articles, artwork, movies that resonate with what is happening in the text.
Again their index provides commentary by multiple scholars.
online NRSV. Look up texts, word searches, etc.
Audio commentary on gospel texts and audio performances of the same. Network founder Tom Boomershine does the commentary so it is engaged in performance. Also numerous articles related to performance.
A nearly overwhelming amount of scholarly work on the role of performance in biblical studies.
The website of the Society of Biblical Literature, full of articles and information about the world of the Bible written by various scholars. This site is new enough that there are many gaps yet to be filled, but you will find much of interest.
Dennis Dewey's website with cool free stuff.

For all things of the network including performance videos and other resources.


Free and open to everyone:

NBS TOGether, The Online Guild, is working toward multiplication We'd love to have one meeting for folks from Chicago to Albania and east Africa, and another group for folks on the Pacific rim and South Asia. To do that we need participants in the Pacific time zones. Please email Joyce Orr,, if you are interested. Typically our monthly meetings last one hour. We share ideas, sometimes coach stories, and encourage one another. Please pray about whether this would be a blessing to you!


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