Festival Gathering 2023 Video Recordings

If were an in-person or virtual attendee at FG2023, follow the link to view the recorded events.

Healing the Land, Healing the People: Honoring Our Connection to the Story God Is Telling

This year's Festival Gathering will inspire you to a renewed sense of the story God is telling within you.  You will hear thought-provoking keynotes led by Ray Aldred ThD. Dr. Aldred is the Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at the Vancouver School of Theology and a status Cree Indian.

Indigenous wisdom encourages us to experience Scripture as our origin story, a communal narrative that binds us to the land and one another.  It reminds us that our identity as Christians is wrapped up in our experience of the story God tells: within creation, the Word, and the gathered community.

In addition to the keynote presentations, you'll participate in creative, revitalizing worship and explore biblical storytelling from a variety of angles. You will deep dive with practical and skill-building workshops to help you deepen your practice and fellowship with storytelling colleagues from around the world.

NBSI members who cannot be with us in person may elect to join us via LiveStream - we don't want you to miss a celebration of storytelling you won't forget.

Theme Stories:

Genesis 2:4–25: God Creates a Garden and Co-Gardeners
Luke 8:22-25 Jesus Calms the Waters of Chaos
Revelation 22:1–6: The River of Healing Life



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Observe the work of the NBSI Seminar in a “fishbowl” scenario as they participate in active scholarship through the lens of biblical performance criticism.

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Focus for 2023 is the first half of John’s Gospel - preparing for the 2024 Epic Telling


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