About The Scholars Seminar

A crucial dimension of NBSI’s work is The Scholars Seminar, a dynamic community of storytelling scholars and scholarly storytellers.

Many Seminar members are professors at seminaries and colleges around the United States; others are full-time professional storytellers and clergy who use storytelling as a central dimension of their ministry. Our collaborative research draws on various areas of expertise to explore scripture, and our shared work has produced several leaders in the field of biblical performance criticism.

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Scholars' Seminar Gatherings

The Scholars' Seminar meets annually for a few days immediately before the Festival Gathering and several times throughout the year via Zoom. Typically our meetings involve engagement with current projects that the Seminar members are pursuing in their own vocations. Often, we have dedicated whole days to exploring particular biblical texts through repeated performances and reflection.

The Seminar is currently convened by Cliff Barbarick, a New Testament professor who practices biblical performance criticism in his research and teaching.

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